Forgotten Peoples
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    Thank you for visiting the Forgotten Peoples website! This site and our sole purpose is dedicated in assisting Christians in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people who have little to no evangelical presence in Namibia. On this site we invite you to find out more about our ministry to the unengaged peoples of the Southwest Area Cluster. You can also learn more about the different Forgotten Peoples groups and learn ways that you can be in prayer for them and maybe even work with them!


        We have individual websites setup for each of the people groups that we are currently focusing on. Those groups are the Herero, Nama, Mbalantu and Coloured of Namiba. On these websites you can learn more about each group's individual needs, history and religion. You can access each people group's website on the People Groups page of this site.  
What does "Forgotten" mean?  The reason we call them "Forgotten Peoples" is because at one time many years ago there was a larger presence of missionaries and people sharing the gospel in this region, however this number has dwindled. Has God or even man forgotten these peoples? No. We pray that the Lord will raise up Christians in Namibia and call other Christians to share His word there.
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